Where You Source From Matters

  • Jul 12, 2019

I have a customer who has asked, "Hey - can you get this for me?" and sent along a link to an Amazon listing.
 Fortunately, I found that it's available to Made By Madge by a few industry sources, and this MBM link shows what my customer wants.


Now, part of my job is to find stuff for my customers who give me an idea of their wishes.  Sometimes I get exactly what they want because there's nothing else like the desired item they've found in a Google search.  Other times there are similar and often better items and better sources that I can suggest.

For this particular item/customer there are THREE different sources that I could potentially use.  They all offer the exact same creation and at very similar cost.
One is in Florida, another is in California, and the last is in New York State.  (I'm still doing what I can to find a Canadian source.)

It's worth noting that the one listed on Amazon was a decent price, but there were only 3 pieces available. Additionally, shipping was more than what the product was being sold for -- and my customer wants 12 of these microphone trophies.


Do I select the California source?


- a state with progressive laws
- similar price to the other sources


- large distance to ship from
- it's in the USA, which involves cross-border nonsense


Do I select the Florida source?


- located in a state with established trade corridors
- also a great distance to the delivery location


- located in a state with questionable politics , elections and laws
- it's in the USA, which involves cross-border nonsense


Do I select the New York source?


- closest location to ship from
- while not perfect, New York is similar to California in its progressive laws


- it's still in the USA, which involves cross-border nonsense


So, it can take some thinking to make the best decision when sourcing a fairly simple product.  Selecting just any one without consideration first (or based on price alone) could be detrimental to the goal of a progressive society in the long run.